Lawrence County Chamber Launches Housing Survey to Assess Future Housing Demand

Lawrence County, Tennessee– The Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Next Move Group to complete a comprehensive housing study and survey aimed at determining the number of new homes required annually to meet the needs of our growing community. This important survey will be open from Monday, June 17, until Friday, July 12, 2024.

The Chamber is releasing a general survey for citizens, business leaders, and economic development stakeholders and a secondary survey to target employees of Lawrence County’s major employers.  The survey seeks to gather detailed information about the housing needs and preferences of both groups. By understanding the demand for new homes, the Chamber aims to address housing shortages, support community planning, and ensure sustainable growth within Lawrence County.

“We believe that a thorough understanding of our housing needs is critical to fostering a vibrant and thriving community,” said Ryan Egly, President & CEO of the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce. “This survey will provide insights that will guide our efforts to create a balanced and sustainable housing market.” 

Results from the survey will be compiled and analyzed to create a detailed report, which will be shared with local government officials, developers, and the public. This report will serve as a foundation for strategic planning and policymaking to address current and future housing needs.

The Chamber encourages all interested stakeholders to complete the survey as their input is vital in shaping the future of housing in Lawrence County.  Participants can access the survey through the Chamber’s website (  

For more information about the housing survey or to get involved, please contact the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce at 931-762-4911 or visit our website at

Take this Survey if you are an employee or young professional.
Take this Survey if you are in management, a real estate professional, or a community leader.


About the Chamber

The Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce is a network of businesses, industries, local governments, utilities, and private citizens that are committed to improving the quality of life in Lawrence County, Tennessee through economic development, community development, tourism marketing, and workforce development.

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