Lawrence County Ranks Top 20 for Public Schools, Housing, and Lowest Cost of Living

LAWRENCEBURG, TENN.— A popular search engine for community livability,, recently released its 2019 Best Places report where Lawrence County received accolades for its livability.  

The Lawrence County School System ranked 6th in the latest Niche listing of best public schools in Tennessee.  This ranking is calculated by considering all public K-12 systems in the state by evaluating data, like test scores, surveys from parents, the community, and students, along with college readiness, graduation rates, teacher quality health and safety, facilities, clubs, sports offerings, and more data provided by the U.S. Dept. of Education.  

Also ranking 18th “Best County to Buy a House” and the 17th “Best County with the Lowest Cost of Living”, these three rankings speak to the livability of Lawrence County as more people consider moving here.

“Rankings, like Niche, are important as more people and businesses start their search online for a new home or new place to do business,” explained Ryan Egly, President & CEO of the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce.  “This type of exposure is free, third party marketing that verifies what we already know; that Lawrence County is a great place to raise a family, start a business, and do life together.”

Chamber officials say that Niche rankings indicate where communities stand in key areas like Public Schools, Housing, Nightlife, Crime & Safety, and Diversity.

One user reported, “People here are genuine and friendly.”  Another commented, “Living in Lawrence County, Tennessee is the best decision my family has made.  Its location provides a great balance between big cities and small towns.  Everyone here is friendly and ready to help out. I would not want to live anywhere else….”

About the Chamber

The Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce is a network of businesses, industries, local governments, utilities, and private citizens that are committed to improving the quality of life in Lawrence County, Tennessee through economic & community development, tourism marketing, and workforce development.